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How Our Purified Water Suppliers In London Can Help You

You think nothing about getting water right from the tap. It’s safe and clean, and it’s perfect for many household functions. There are times, though, when purified water is much better for you. Here’s what purified water is, and the ways you can use it in your home.

What Is Purified Water?

Purified water is defined by the lack of impurities found in it. To be officially described as purified water, it must have less than ten parts per million of dissolved solids. It’s often thought that purified water is the same as filtered water, but that’s not the case. Purified water goes through additional filtration processes in order to become as pure as possible.

Uses For Purified Water

Purified Water Suppliers LondonThere are purified water suppliers in London¬†that can supply you with all the water you need, whenever you need it. Here’s a few uses for purified water that you may not have even thought of.

Beer brewing: Brewing your own beer has become a popular pastime in Britain, and for good reason. There’s nothing quite like creating your own beer from scratch. It’s very satisfying to drink a beer that you’ve created yourself, rather than going to the shops to buy some. You do have to be careful with the water you use, though. Chemicals and impurities in the water can change the way the beer tastes, which you want to avoid. Purified water is the best to use in the brewing process.

Fish tanks and aquariums: Purified water suppliers in London sell a lot of water to pet owners and pet shops for their scaly friends. This is because owners of pets want to ensure that they’re getting the best water for their environment.

Electricals: Ironing shops are another big buyer of purified water, as they need the cleanest water possible for ironing clothes. Without the rust, sediment, and dirt that can find its way into regular water, you can stop impurities building up and transferring themselves to your clothes. It’s great for kettles, too!

Car valeters: If you’re serious about keeping your car sparkling clean, then purified water is the way to go. This is again because there’s much less dirt and other impurities in the water. Your car isn’t sparkling clean until it’s been cleaned with purified water!

Where To Buy Your Purified Water

If you’re looking for a reliable London based purified water supplier, then look no further. Here at Crystal Clear Windows, we can supply you with any amount of water. Whether you’re just looking for a few litres for a home project, or a larger amount for commercial use, we have you covered. With 25 litres starting at just ¬£1.50, it’s at a price you can afford. Get in touch today for more information.

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